Childcare Professional Certification

Professional Certificate Requirements  

Childcare workers can receive a professional certificate awarded by ACEA when the following requirements are met:

  1. Your childcare/school ministry must be a current member of the Alabama Christian Education Association
  2. Hiring qualifications met
    a. At least 19 years of age
    b. Have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
    c. Medical approval by a licensed physician
  3. Suitability determination letter from DHR verifying fitness to work in childcare
  4. Letter of recommendation from supervisor
  5. Verification that the person has worked for at least nine months in childcare
  6. Must earn at least 1.5 (One and one half) CEU's that includes training in prescribed areas
  7. Fill out application and pay appropriate fee

It should be the goal of every ACEA member childcare center to have all employees professionally certified. This program will be expanded within two years to include other levels of certification and to include a director's certificate.