Academic, Bible and Fine Arts Competition

The Alabama Christian Education Association sponsors Academic, Bible and Fine Arts competition for students in grades four through twelve during each academic year. Last year almost 2300 students participated. Winners in state competition in the high school division (grades 9-12) are certified to compete in national competition sponsored by the American Association of Christian Schools at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

Competition serves a useful purpose for schools by building spirit, challenging students to fully develop their abilities for use in the Lord’s work, and providing an opportunity for students to make friends with students in other Christian schools.

The structure and categories in competition create opportunities for students no matter the size of the school they attend. The benefits and opportunities for the small school student are as great as for the student from larger schools.

The ACEA State Competition Manual in conjunction with the AACS National Competition Manual governs competition.

ACEA State Competition Manual Order Form 2020 Edition

Fine Arts Competition School Codes

Deduction Reference for Art Entries

ACEA State Winners: Academic Testing, Academics, Bible, Music, Speech, and Art

AACS National Bible, Music, Speech, Art, & Academics Competition - Alabama Winners


Information for ordering competition manuals is listed below:

The ACEA State Competition Manual

ACEA Office
PO Box 559
Gardendale, AL  35071

( t ) 205.631.3000     (email)

The AACS National Competition Manual

AACS National Office
602 Belvoir Avenue
East Ridge, TN  37412

( t ) 423.629.4280      (website)