Legislative Involvement 

The Alabama Christian Education Association has a history of positive legislative involvement. ACEA has successfully lobbied the Alabama State Legislature to pass laws that greatly benefit member church and Christian schools as well as church childcare ministries. The Church School Exclusion Act passed in 1982 allows churches to operate schools without being regulated by the Alabama State Department of Education. The Daycare License Exemption Act passed in 1981 allows churches to operate their childcare ministries without the church being licensed by the state.

In 1999 ACEA worked hard to make sure that the Child Protection Act requiring criminal background checks for teachers would not unduly burden churches as the original proposal would have done.

ACEA successfully raised the issue of transferring credits earned in Christian schools to public schools. Prior to July 1997 there was no state policy and each local school system did as it pleased. Because of ACEA there is now a fair credit transfer policy. ACEA continues to involve itself in credit transfer issues to insure fair treatment for students transferring to other schools.

ACEA works closely with many conservative, pro-family organizations in Alabama. These groups add strength to our organization as we stand together promoting public policy that is godly, family friendly and pro-Christian education. These outstanding organizations gladly stand with us to meet our common goals.

Most recently (2006) ACEA successfully lobbied in the Alabama Legislature to pass a law exempting ACEA member schools from collecting the 4% state sales tax on athletic admission.  The bill was passed on the very last day of the session.

Presently, the Executive Director (J. Robin Mears) serves on the Alabama Professional Development Team (APDT).  The APDT is appointed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources and is charged with developing a system that will better inform early childhood professionals as to available training opportunities.