A Message from the Executive Director

I have had the special privilege of serving the Alabama Christian Education Association for twenty-five years. My goal is to do my best to focus on the needs of the young people in our schools. Making a difference in their lives is essential if we are to justify our existence.

My heroes and heroines are parents that make the choice to send their children to a Christian school, and the dedicated teachers that give of themselves to teach the children. I am humbled when I think of these enormously special people.

In recent years I have been more aware of the responsibility I have to do my part to perpetuate the Christian school movement and give it a place of prominence and permanence in our state and nation.

The challenges are great but so are the rewards. Let’s keep it simple. Our job is to provide genuine Christian training to the children in our care. That is our job – let us do it well.

J. Robin Mears

ACEA Executive Director